Thursday, April 30, 2009


Does anyone else have to do a frantic house cleaning when their mothers are going to visit? Of course they do. Everyone does. And it's impossible to clean to mom's specifications, isn't it? Unfortunately, we live in a house my mother owns, and therefore, inspections are just kinda part of the deal. We've been scrambling around, trying to make the house acceptable. It's still pretty bad, but what can be expected with all the critters? And the Groundhog has the flu. Yay.

He's hoping I can convince her to stay outside when she picks me up. I'm betting she's going to need to go to the bathroom when she gets here (we're about an hour from her house), and it's inevitable that she's going to come inside. I told him that she's likely to be so pissed about the holes the puppy chewed in the wall that she won't even notice the dirt. We can only hope.

Didn't get any knitting done today. I had to spend a few hours with my in-laws, and I'm wiped out emotionally. They just suck the life out of me. I'm off to do more cleaning, and take an emergency tranquilizer to recover from the in-laws. Ugh.

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