Friday, May 1, 2009

Back from shopping, yay!

We just got back from shopping, momma and I. We had fun. We ogled all the yarn at Hobby Lobby (love that store) since we have no LYS to shop in. I got some fuzzy mystery fiber yarn to knit a throw with that feels softer than a cat's fur. Yeah, it's some kind of acrylic. I don't care. It's reallllly soft and will make a pretty throw, something I can zone out and knit while watching TV.

And I got the Groundhog a new BDU camo jacket. He has worn out three of these since we've been together, and I've been meaning to get him another one. He'll be a happy Groundhog when he gets home.

Momma came inside (to use the bathroom, duh) and checked out the kitchen remodel we did. She loved it! I knew she would if she ever got to see it. She didn't come inside this morning, out of concession to the Groundhog (he was home and embarrassed that the house was messy). She said she didn't care what it looked like, she knows I'm a slob, and we have more critters than are manageable in a house this size.

She brought us some green beans and new potatoes from her garden, so I'm gonna cook them for supper. Yum. She looked at the puppies, and said they needed to go before they get to that awkward leggy stage. They're still little and cute right now, so it's the time to take them to the grocery store parking lot on a Saturday morning and give them away. I may just have to do that tomorrow.

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