Monday, May 11, 2009

One down, ten to go!

Well, the very nice man and his two little girls came to pick up a puppy today. They took the little brown and white male. He's such a sweet baby, and I know he will make them a good dog.

The man was so nice, he even helped me track down all the bad little pups that escaped the pen when I tried to get the one they came for. And his four year old told me that she didn't like the black dogs, because they were bad! That was pretty funny. Of course, they had knocked over their water and there was mud everywhere, and the children were in white dresses. Ugh. I ended up picking up the four year old to keep the escapees off of her while he went back to his car to call his wife.

We thought he was getting two of them, but the lady (his wife's friend) that wanted one changed her mind at the last minute. Sigh. Oh well. One more down, ten to go.

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