Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Sweater

I've been working for a few days now on a raglan sweater. I've never made one before, and it's turning out really well. I got this yarn a while back with the intention of knitting a sweater out of it, but I hadn't decided on a pattern. It's about four inches past the armpit now, and so pretty! I've decided if I get tired of plain stockinette stitching, I can always take a break and do the neck finishing early, or work on the sleeves.

On the puppy front, we've got a guy coming out tomorrow to pick one out. I think he picked Oompa Loompa from the picture (the one in the middle who looks like she's smiling) but he wanted to see all of them before he made a decision. It would be really nice if he wanted two, but I'll just be happy to have a home for one of them.

I've had a migraine since six this morning, so I've been dealing with that all day. And the pups are inside because it's SO FRIGGIN HOT outside, so we decided that they could stay in. They've been pretty good so far, thank goodness.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

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